JINS Design Project ALL ROUND #02 Konstantin GrcicJINS Design Project ALL ROUND #02 Konstantin Grcic


“all round" -focusing on the round-shape as the archetype of glasses.
A diverse collection that brings out the individuality of the people who wear them.



The invitation from JINS offered an interesting excursion into a new field of work. Even though I am wearing glasses myself, I have never really thought about designing them. It was a beautiful challenge working on a product, which is both function and fashion. The most extreme aspect of designing glasses is that people of very different physiognomy are wearing them on their face. Glasses become part of their identity, of who they are.

Konstantin Grcic
Konstantin Grcic
Konstantin Grcic (*1965) was trained as a cabinet maker at The John Makepeace School (Dorset, England) before studying Design at the Royal College of Art in London. He established his own office Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design (KGID) in Munich in 1991. Since then he has developed furniture, products and lighting for some of the leading companies in the design field like Cassina, Flos, Magis, Muji, Plank and Vitra. He worked on a number of significant design exhibitions and exhibition displays for renowned museums and galleries.

The technical support by JINS to enhance the quality of eyewear.



    The designs and specifications of the temple, in addition to considering curves that naturally fit the face, have been devised based on the appearance and comfort of the glasses when worn, taking into account issues such as the front design and the weight balance. Design standards derived through JINS’ extensive experience with eyewear are also reflected in the space inside the glasses to provide wearers with the best level of comfort.



    With both an emphasis on functionality and beauty, the bridges and nose pads have each been designed according to style and comfort of the eight different types. The shapes of the bridge were devised to harmoniously correspond to the designs of the frames, also adopting round-shaped nose pads that are cohesive with the overall design.



    In the “BRACE” type that has a clear-colored and thick frame, a matte coating has been applied to the inside to prevent the light reflected from shining into the eyes and dazzling the wearer. It is one of the examples in which JINS’ technical proposal was adopted into Grcic’s design.



Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic introduces the background and design process of "all round"

For the second installment of the project, JINS collaborates with German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, recognized for his prestigious career working with the world’s leading companies in the design field. Konstantin Grcic carefully responds to the requirements of his briefs, creating products that are defined by his meticulous attention to detail and his passion for technology and materials. The project served as window into Grcic’s practice as a designer who engages in confronting and studying the essence of things, and also an opportunity to reconsider the relationship between people and glasses.