The collaboration with product designer Jasper Morrison considers designs from the smallest of details in hopes to question and redefine the ideal form of eyewear that is relevant today.
What is realized is the “ultimate basic” for the future –refined eyewear with an air of simplicity that is suitable and can be worn by everyone.


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“Designing for a fresh subject is always an exciting and enjoyable experience. Since I had never designed spectacles before, I was very interested in taking part in the JINS Design Project. In designing spectacles, even a 0.1-millimeter difference can have a significant impact on the expression of the object. I like this kind of precision, it reminds me of the cutlery design projects I have worked on. I wanted to design something subtle that would fit naturally on the human face, refining existing types to make the best shapes possible. ”

Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison was born in London, 1959, studied Design at Ravensbourne College, Kingston Polytechnic, The Royal College of Art and the Hochschule der Kunst in Berlin. He opened his Office for Design, 1986. He designs an ever expanding range of things at his studios in London, Paris and Tokyo, for companies like Vitra, Flos, Muji Rushi Ryohin, and Maruni, has published several books with Lars Müller Publishers and worked on a variety of exhibitions at his shop in London and in museums and galleries around the world.

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Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison works across a variety of fields spanning from furniture to tableware, electronic products, stationery, as well as providing designs for bus stops and trams. His practice does not entail newly transforming the surface of things, nor does he engage in presenting designs that attract attention for their eye-catching appearance. Instead, Morrison places emphasis on creating products that blend into daily life, and realizing designs that continue to be cherished and appreciated over time. His designs do not merely harbor simplicity, but are efforts to achieve “a suitable condition for objects.” Throughout his career, Morrison has thus constantly engaged in close research and considerations that are grounded upon profound insight.
Morrison, who turns his eyes to the essence and value of things, expresses passion towards studying the very relationship between objects and people, and continues to explore a certain sensation that could be referred to as a relationship of trust that exists between the two. He also engages in the thorough research of technologies that play an essential role in the realization of his designs. Morrison's attitude of exploring and considering designs that are both basic and become presences that better accommodate those who use them, had resonated with JINS' ideology to “Create new standards.”This marked the start of Morrison's first-ever eyewear project.