JINS Design Project #04 Alberto Meda “ALMOST ORGANIC”JINS Design Project #04 Alberto Meda “ALMOST ORGANIC”


Alberto Meda, the grand master of the design world, has created many innovative products with an airy feel through an experimental approach based on an engineering point of view.
JINS introduces its new design, which is a result of its pursuit of the relationships among the frame and temple, materials and technology.


  • Meda UNO / Meda DUE

    Meda UNO / Meda DUE

    “Meda UNO” and “Meda DUE” use a metallic material overall, with a softer material for the parts that come into contact with the skin. Aluminum was chosen for the front and resin for the temples. Although different materials have been combined, the finished product looks as if it is made from one single material, and I think the combination works very well.

    Meda UNO / Meda DUE
  • Meda UNO
  • Meda DUE
  • Meda TRE / Meda QUATTRO

    Meda TRE / Meda QUATTRO

    “Meda TRE” and “Meda QUATTRO” make use of the advantages titanium has to offer. Titanium is a unique material: its relative density is half that of iron, it is less susceptible to corrosion as well as being lightweight and quite versatile, while maintaining its shape. A combination of titanium and resin was used for the temple section, providing the elasticity and springiness to enable a smooth open-and-close motion. The structure of the hinges is cam-like rather than circular, allowing the temple section to snap open and close when they reach a certain position. You should be able to experience a sense of pleasure when folding and unfolding the temples.

    Meda TRE / Meda QUATTRO
  • Meda TRE
  • Meda QUATTRO


I try to start with an idea, not a shape ... When JINS asked me to design titanium and aluminum glasses, I didn't immediately think of a new shape, but I concentrated on hinges. I was looking for an idea for a new "relationship" between the parts that form the eyeglasses, between frame and temples. For me, it is important to pay attention to the relationships between the component parts and to the relationships between us and the objects, because we test them, sometimes unconsciously, with all our senses, not only by sight. I believe in an aesthetic of the relationship, that is, an aesthetic that is not only linked to the shape of the object, but also to the way it functions. Technology, allowing the integration of functions, helps to produce light and simple objects, and this is very important because simplicity, which means complexity resolved, is for me an “almost biological” need.

Alberto Meda
Alberto Meda
Born in Italy in 1945.
After working as a technical manager at the interior products brand, Kartell, Meda’s designs were utilized by various companies, including Alfa Romeo Auto, Alias, Alessi, Luceplan, Olivetti and Vitra. He is based at his studio in Milan and is a major player on the global stage.


The JINS Design Project #04 is about “The pursuit of beauty in products, starting from their materials and structures.” The designs of Alberto Meda

The JINS Design Project #04 is about
“The pursuit of beauty in products, starting
from their materials and structures.”
The designs of Alberto Meda

For the current project, we chose Milan-based Alberto Meda, one of the great masters in the world of design. After studying engineering, Meda pioneered the possibilities of product design through innovative designs based on an experimental approach.Applying his knowledge of materials, structures and the latest technologies, his work has consistently been based on the concept that “The beauty of a product lies in various relationships, together with its function.”“Beauty derived from relationships”, which is emphasized by Meda, was explored in the form of eyeglasses.